Sept 2020 Reads


The Bestiary by Nicholas Christopher. Library book. A surreal adventure into the world of ancient animal bestiaries. I found it a bit slow at times, as the main character info-dumps a lot. He’s often on his own doing research, which frankly, did not make the book more exciting for me, no matter how excited the main character is about his research. Still, I am glad I finished this.

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. Ebook. This was advertised to me by many people as “lesbian necromancers in space.” Yes, it’s as EPIC as it sounds. This book is heartbreaking. I would’ve cried while reading it had I not been at work. I really wanna read the sequel.

The Book of Seed and Abyss by R.B. Lemberg. Patreon exclusive. Having just finished the Four Weaves, I didn’t want to jump into this right away, but it was just too tempting. Lemberg hinted at some very exciting worldbuilding in this story on their new Birdverse website, and I was not disappointed.

The Four Profound Weaves by R.B. Lemberg. Preordered book. What a delight. If you wanna read about platonic-friends! trans elders going on a fantastical adventure to accidentally-on-purpose fight against tyranny, read this. (I got an impulsive tattoo featuring the number 4 for this book!)

The Other Shore: A New Translation of the Heart Sutra with Commentaries by Thich Naht Han. Library book. It was a pleasure to expose myself to a new-to-me sacred text.

The Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire. Physical book. I got my own copy so I could scribble in it to my heart’s content. This is my second stab at reading this book. I feel more ready for it this time. For a year or more now, I’ve been feeling a profound urge to transform my teaching practice and I think critical pedagogy is going to point me in the right direction. So I am pretty excited. I am even managed to read this on my breaks at work! Actually reading the book was tough. I am not used to reading philosophy. I wish there were more examples, comments from peasants (his term, not mine), templates, or lesson plans. Friends have suggested reading works by Freirean scholars to get what I am looking for.

The Unreal and the Real: Selected Short Stories by Ursula K LeGuin. Gifted book from S + R. I was so glad to be exposed to so many short stories by such a beloved author of mine. I’ll admit, having read it, I need a break from reading LeGuin. It’ll be awhile before I pick up another one by her! Still, I was very thrilled to read her scifi stories, and realize more stories in the world of the Ekumen. This made me happy.

Threads of Life: A History of the World Through the Eye of a Needle by Clare Hunter. Library book. I loved peering into all these amazing world histories of needlework. Wow! If you’re interested in embroidery, go pick up this book!

Welcome to the Goddamn Icecube: Chasing Fear and Finding Home in the Great White North by Blair Braverman. Library book. This was a great read! If you wanna read an engaging autobiography, pick this up! Braverman talks about her first few years of experience dogsledding. (!!!) Content warning: sexual violence, dudes being assholes.

Aborted Reading

Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetics edited by TC Tolbert and Trace Peterson. Gifted book from S + R. I finally started reading it! This is a hard-hitting book. I was reading it at bedtime but honestly this book needs lots of time to digest and ponder over. I’ll be taking a break for now and coming back to it later.

Currently Reading

Irish Paganism by Morgan Daimler. Ebook. This was recommended to me by my friend V. It seems decent so far. I hear good things about Daimler’s rigorous academically informed writing, so that’s a point in their favour,


I’m not sure what to read next after reading such stunning fiction this month. Recommendations welcome.

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